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Instagram Post Update

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As we enter the long weekend, we would like to give you an update on the Instagram incident that took place earlier this week.

The police have and will continue to be present at Elementary-Middle School in the morning as students arrive.  They will also periodically stop in all schools throughout the day to interact with staff and students.

District Staff are increasing their presence in the hallways and entryways, especially during arrival and dismissal.

The District is in the process of organizing a community safety committee and have been in contact with Champlain Valley Instructional Services to help with this process.  The goal is to have the first meeting some time next week, or early the following week.  We have had several parents and community members already volunteer for this committee.  We will be looking at our facilities, communication procedures, and school safety plans.

The police are continuing their investigation and are following all leads.  The Social Media branch in Raybrook is working with our local police on identifying potential suspects.  The Chief of Police wanted us to continue to remind everyone that there is no credible threat.

Finally, we are working on a plan...


Board of Education Meeting Discussion on Instagram Post

About 50 parents and community members attended the regular Board of Education meeting this evening to express concerns over the most recent Instagram issue.  Discussion centered around improving communication, facility upgrades to improve security including closing in all classrooms at the Elementary Middle School, establishing a school safety committee comprised of school staff, community and parents, increase police presence in the buildings, and developing a plan to help students feel safe when they return to school.  In addition, the police gave an update on the investigation and what their plan of action was for the immediate future.

    The Ticonderoga Police Department will have officers at the school both Wednesday and Thursday mornings while students arrive.  They will also be in all the schools periodically throughout the day to help students feel safe. The State Police will also be in the schools both days.  The investigation is in the hands of the social media specialist branch in Raybrook, and they hope to have something soon.

    The School District will be establishing a safety committee to discuss communication and facility upgrades to meet throughout the rest of the spring and summer to develop a plan to take to the community.  The administration will revisit school safety plans, arrival and dismissal procedures, and internal communication to improve how information is disseminated to parents and families.

The District appreciates and thanks those parents, guardians and community members who were able to make the meeting this evening, and cannot stress enough the importance of school safety.  The District will take the feedback and suggestions from the meeting...

2018-2019 School Calendar Calendar with owl on a pile of books

At the March 20th meeting of the Board of Education, the 2018-2019 school calendar was approved. 


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