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2020-21 School Supply List - Elementary School
District Reopening Plan

Please see the attached links for information on the 2020-2021 school year reopening plan:


Executive Summary


Reopening Plan (detailed version)

Household Survey

Dear Parents and Guardians:


All schools are planning for how to reopen their buildings, to bring students back to school and return to in-person teaching and learning. This must be done in such a way as to assure the health and safety of our children, our employees and that of our community. As our planning continues we will need accurate information from our community. Many of you answered our surveys last spring about your experience regarding remote learning. We appreciate your comments and are using them to guide our plans. Now we are requesting that you help with this effort to gather specific feedback by answering the questions in the Household Survey link below.


If we do not receive this survey back from your household, please expect to receive a call from the District. It is imperative that we have this information for every family.

Thank you for your timely response to these questions.


Cynthia Ford-Johnston
Interim Superintendent of Schools

Household Survey Link

COVID-19 Update 7/16/20

COVID-19 Update 7/16/2020


The District continues to monitor the daily changes in the situation and all related guidance.  Our buildings remain closed to the public until further notice.


Reopening Planning

Planning for the next school year and how best to reopen has been underway.  There are new unanticipated situations and questions continue to arise each day.  Many unanswered questions remain.  Governor Cuomo’s office, working in conjunction with the Department of Health, the State Education Department and the Board of Regents, is expected to provide all schools in the state with guidelines within a few days.  We are hoping that these will provide clarity for planning.

Summer Meal Program

This notice is to let you know that the bagged meals will resume starting Monday, July 13th and will continue for six weeks during the summer. These meals can be picked up at the Ticonderoga Elementary School Cafeteria between 10:30 and 12:00 on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. 


If you would like to opt-in for these summer meals, please fill out the attached form and either:

  1. E-mail the information to the Town of Ticonderoga at , or

  2. Phone in the information to the Town of Ticonderoga Clerk at 518-585-6677

Summer Meal Program Registration Form

If you are unable to make arrangements for the pick-up of these summer meals, there may be some limited opportunities to have these meals home delivered.


Thank you for your interest and we are happy to be able to continue to provide these meals for your children.

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