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Cafeteria - Changes/Update

There have been a number of changes to the food service program made by the Federal and State agencies that oversees our cafeteria program this fall. Just this week the district learned that it is required to charge families, who do not qualify for free and reduced meal prices, the full price. This is a change from the notification last week that the district could offer completely free meals for everyone. We are sorry for the confusion and changes; these changes are beyond our control.

2020-21 Application for Free & Reduced Price Meals

The Ticonderoga Central School District asked that all families fill out the application for free & reduced meals. 

2020-21 Application for Free & Reduced Price Meals

District Phones

The District is experiencing issues with our phone lines, we are working with Verizon on this issue.

To contact the District please email: 

Elementary School - Robyn Smith at robynsmith@ticonderogak12.org

Jr./Sr. High School - Danielle Palandrani at dpalandrani@ticonderogak12.org

District Office - Erin Hamel at ehamel@ticonderogak12.org

School Tax Collector - Anne Michalak at amichalak@ticonderogak12.org

Transportation - Lori Fuller at lfuller@ticonderogak12.org 

Dashboard for COVID-19 Data in Schools
District Reopening Plan Summarized
Reopening School FAQs

Reopening School FAQs

Updated 8/27/20

District Reopening Plan

Please see the attached links for information on the 2020-2021 school year reopening plan:


Executive Summary


Reopening Plan (detailed version)

2020-2021 Amended School Calendar
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