COVID-19 Testing in Our School - Consent Form

December 15, 2020


Dear Parents/Guardians: 


Should our area or school be deemed to be a Yellow, Orange or Red Zone the District would be REQUIRED to conduct COVID testing at the school to remain open for in-person instruction. 


Research shows the great value of students learning through in-person models over remote options. In-person instruction is critical to students' success and parent stability. So keeping as much in-person learning available for as many students as possible, will continue to be our primary objective. As always with every decision we will keep the health and safety of our students in mind.


If our school were to be deemed in any of these zone designations, we’d be required to test a percentage of our school population (students, faculty and staff) each week. 


The tests are provided by the Health Department and trained medical personnel will conduct the screening test. 


The tests we’d be administering are called COVID-19 BINAX or ID-NOW. Both are very simple, non-invasive tests. Simply a Q-tip style swap that is rolled around the front opening of each nostril of the child/adult’s nose. A process that tickles rather than hurts. The entire screening takes less than two minutes to complete. 


As we prepare for this screening I am asking that you review the enclosed consent form, consider granting permission, by signing and returning the form, for your child to be tested should we need to do this testing in the future. 


By granting permission we will have enough people to test to reach the required percentage. Please give this serious consideration and grant the permission now before we are held to this serious deadline. 


Should you have any questions, please call to speak with one of our nurses, your child’s principal or myself. 


Thank you for supporting the District to remain open. 




Cynthia Ford-Johnston

Interim Superintendent of Schools


Enclosure - COVID-19 Testing Consent Form

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