CDC Announcement:  What does it mean for Ticonderoga?

Since the CDC made their recommendations for adjusting their social distancing guidance last week, there has been much anticipation, discussion and supposition regarding a change from 6ft to 3ft of distance in the school.   


Here are the facts as of this very minute:


  • The CDC did release guidance that suggested that schools could move to 3ft of spacing and still be safe for opening to in-person learning.

  • NY State MUST approve any such change.  The DOH has not made any statement nor changes. Therefore the Essex County DOH may not issue any changes either.

  • NYS DOH guidance would be given to the State Education Department for their interpretation and guidance. This would then be sent to schools for implementation.

  • The new guidance from the CDC only talks about spacing in classrooms changing, not bussing nor cafeteria. These areas will be challenging to manage more students.

  • When and IF schools in Essex County are afforded the distance change, there will be a need to gradually make changes. Nothing will change over night.

  • A move to 3ft of separation will require masks to be worn at all times.

  • Quarantining guidelines are not being proposed for change. This results in students being closer and with that an increased probability or an expanded area of exposure and an increase of any subsequent quarantine may result.

  • The Administrative team is exploring the various possibilities for increasing numbers on the busses or changing the bussing somehow to accommodate more students, adding one grade at a time into the Jr. Sr. High as we work out the complications and the cafeteria schedule which would need to be altered perhaps at both buildings. Parents may be asked, if possible, to transport their students to help with this effort.


We certainly want more of our students here on a daily basis. But TCSD must wait to learn what the exact details are of the requirements when received from NYS.   


The contradictions we often find in the details of every change or requirement will continue to make us all shake our heads in disbelief. But the school will continue to make every effort to return our students safely to the most normal learning environment possible. We can all agree that our kids benefit much more by being in a routine and involved in regular in-person learning than working independently from a remote location.


At school, we have been planning a return since the first rumors of 3ft were given. Our main building challenges are the cafeteria, study halls, supervision and actual square footage of our classrooms, particularly at the Jr. Sr. High building. The district is still legally bound to provide remote instruction to those students whose families wish them to remain at home. Currently, we are looking at a phased in approach for moving every class to attending full-time. Most likely it will be a grade level at a time. The reason for that is if we miss something, it is much easier to find spaces and supervision for only 20 students rather than 165. It will take time but we certainly look forward to the day we have a full building again.


Thank you for your continued cooperation. Please reach out if you have questions and we will do our best to answer them.


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