New Superintendent of Schools

For several weeks the District has conducted an active Superintendent search. During the process the Ticonderoga Central School District has met several highly qualified individuals interested in joining the District and growing our community as Superintendent. Each candidate would have brought a variety of strengths, skills and knowledge to the position. 


Ticonderoga Central School District has, during these challenging times, been working to bring consistency to the district by engaging the school community in school improvement efforts with an ongoing endeavor to solidify the path forward.


The challenges of fiscal stress and COVID uncertainty continue. After considerable assessment, thought and discussion of District needs, the Board of Education made the decision to reach out and ask our Interim Superintendent, Cynthia Ford-Johnston, to consider continuing to serve the District for the next two years to continue to lead during this challenging time of transition. We are pleased that she has agreed to continue for the upcoming two school years. While we are very appreciative of those who stepped forward to be candidates, we are confident that at this point in time our District will be best served by Mrs. Ford-Johnston’s continued leadership. The official appointment will be made on Tuesday, March 30, 2021.

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