"Restore the Portico"

The Portico


The back story….

    This historic icon has been directly aligned with the image that is “Ticonderoga Central School District” for over 90 years.

    Although repairs have been made over the years, this icon is in need of serious renovation.  Repairs have been included in capital projects in the past.  The most recent project used all the available funding before this specific renovation was begun.  As of today, the District has no new large capital project on deck for the next few years.  If more time lapses, the portico may face replacement instead of repairs and renovation.



  • Updated architectural designs and recommendations are being pursued.


  • Being a public school building, any renovation must be approved by the NY State Education Department.  This can be a long and detailed process.  Once drawings are finalized this process will begin.


  • The Jr. Sr High School building is on the National Historic Registry.  Being so designated has benefits and challenges.  Any changes must be historically accurate and maintain the integrity of the structure.  One of the advantages is that the district may be able to secure any number of grants and specific funding to support a renovation of the portico.


Projected Cost….

    In 2015, the estimated cost of the project was in the range of $488,000.  The district has asked the same architect to review the plans and revise the cost estimates to reflect current costs.  


Why not fund this work through our annual budget?

    If grants are possible, pursuing that avenue first would be beneficial.  Many grants require a match.  This required match is the reason for soliciting donations for a repair campaign.



Support the effort to refurbish & rebuild this point of Ti Pride:


Donations (tax deductible) may be made to:

Ticonderoga Central School District "Portico Fund"

5 Calkins Place, Ticonderoga, NY 12883

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