Superintendent's Message

Dear Ticonderoga Sentinel Parents, Students and Members of the Community,


This is obviously a very challenging time for mankind.  In March, we found ourselves thrown into unprecedented change with an unfathomable number of restrictions.  School leaders, teachers, parents and students are needing to plan for the unknown and to rethink all aspects of teaching and learning.  Education has been thrown into a revolution of sorts.


Now we must learn from our experiences, build on what we know, reflect, refocus and plan for doing our work better and smarter than ever…. for our children's future depends on how we proceed and upon our success.


Over recent days, driving to Ticonderoga, I’ve been struck by the thought of revolution.  Just as this area was ground zero during the American Revolution so could our school become the center for educational reform.  Our ancestors believed in themselves, they were brave, courageous, they imagined a better life and they sought to create a better future.  We do not need guns nor battles to wage this war.  We’ll need the collective knowledge, sustained effort and a general belief that everyone is putting forth their best effort and doing their best work.  We all need to trust and have faith that we can do better.


I commit to the Ticonderoga Central School District and to each of you that while I am the Interim Superintendent I will give my best effort and my experience to reflect, reimagine, refocus and lead the effort to revolutionize the educational experience for the children of this District.

Reflect, Reimagine, Refocus… Revolutionize


I look forward to working with the community to make this effort successful.



Cynthia Ford-Johnston

Interim Superintendent


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